"I’ve had my internal struggle as well - whether to follow my dreams or whether just to sort of stay in the background and do what’s right and just sort of fit in."

Feeling confident in your own skin is so important. Embrace your strengths and be proud of who you are!

Happy birthday to a beautiful and inspirational woman.
“Uniqueness is what makes you the most beautiful.”

happy 28th birthday lea michele sarfati 

“I try not to set limits for myself anymore, because the original limits that I set were proven completely wrong. Here I am now: I have the lead on a TV show, I have a L’Oreal campaign, and I’ve been on the cover of some of my favorite beauty magazines. So here’s a big fat middle finger to the lady who told me to get my nose done.”

Happy 28th birthday, Lea Michele! (Aug 29th, 1986)